The Secret of Christmas sharing the joy of that season all year long!

"Wow! I so enjoyed listening. Really cool arrangements of these Christmas classics. Polished, professional production and playing; top notch musicians. Of course, Racquel is the highlight. She's quite a talent!"

- Taxi Music

"A great album, and just in time for my Christmas programming! Excellent choice of numbers and a good voice. Interesting arrangements and musicianship. Love it!"

Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide - Adelaide, Australia

"There's good music, unique arrangements and joyfully warm vocals to make this one worthy of repeated listening."

- O's Place Jazz

"The originality and feeling of these recordings touches upon the true meaning of Christmas and you realize that the secret to unlocking what it all means is inside you. Great music and words can help to bring the truth to light."

- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"The Secret of Christmas" is the culmination of over a year of effort producing fresh, spontaneous, and epic arrangements of a dozen holiday favorites.

Los Angeles' finest instrumentalists joined their virtuosity and creativity with that of international vocal star Racquel Roberts... who were guided into harmonious glory via Nick Mancini's unique arrangements.

You're sure to find something to enjoy, be it a tip of the hat to modern and classic jazz, the dusty back room horns of Motown, anthemic rock, or evocative world music... all performed by musicians at the top echelon of their craft.

As the soundtrack for your Holiday season and as a gift of fine music to all your loved ones, "The Secret of Christmas" is sure to inspire all who listen for years to come!

We invite you to spread the word and share the joy that brought this album together!

Thank you very much for your support.

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